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A study on chinese myths and legends: Mega888 slot games that are guaranteed to appeal to the chinese community

As Chinese players, we love to see red and gold in our games, because these colors are said to bring good fortune. You will notice that a huge number of Asian themed slots available on the internet are mainly dominated by an oversimplified use of the colors red and gold to sell you on the game’s cultural origins. If you’re looking for online slot games that dive deep into the red and gold motifs, as well as Chinese myths, legends and cultural symbols, here are a list of online slot games at Mega888 that you should try out.

Mystic Orbs


ELK Studios’ most recent Asian slot release, Mystic Orbs, forgoes the traditional emblems of riches and success in favor of pulling inspiration from the region’s rich legend involving dragons and mystical crystals, as shown in the video below. The dragon Ying Longs, whose strength is derived from the five elements, has charmed the entrance to the chamber that contains the treasure of Yu the Great. If the gods, nature, and good fortune herself are on your side throughout your spins, you may be able to link the symbols necessary to uncover massive payouts.

Tale of Kyubiko


The Kyubi-no-Kitsune, often known as the trickster gods, are mentioned several times in Chinese mythology. These endearing but deadly spirits may pass for either a human or a fox in the eyes of onlookers, with the sole indication of their presence being their urge to show off their magnificent nine tails. These entities, who are neither good nor evil, like having a good time with, and occasionally at the expense of, their human playmates. Entering the Tale of Kyubiko slot, you will be accompanied by the vulpine goddess Inari, who will reveal what fate has in store for you.


Spirited Wonders


PG Soft has utilized their expertise to open a portal between the mortal realms and the realms of the ancient Yokai, fueled by the spirit of exploration. Once upon a time, these monsters wreaked havoc on the human race, but the Onmyoji family, with the aid of a mysterious scroll known only as the “god’s hand,” was able to drive them back. Onmyoji clan members are spearheading a mission throughout realms in pursuit of revenge and wealth after the mystical scroll was stolen by one of the kitsune’s cunning tricks. Will you join them and discover what awaits you on the reels of the Spirited Wonders online slot machine when you play for real money?


In Chinese New Year, we love to see games that appeal to our eyes. It does not matter whether you are superstitious or not, the sight of your culture represented through creative design in online games is always a pleasurable sight to behold. We love how much Chinese people love gambling, which is why mega888 is committed to bringing more online slot games that better represent Chinese culture and appeal to our Chinese audience in the future..