Secrets to Winning Big in Slots

As some of you may know, one of the biggest symbols of casinos are slot machines. However, very few people actually know that unlike a game of pure chance, there are a lot of ways that you can use to increase your odds of scoring the biggest pot.

Using a form of Random Number Generator (RNG) to randomize each and every outcome, however, the program used is a closely guarded industry secret. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that anyone except for the software engineers will be able to get similar outcomes. With Mega888, all games featured in the platform are made by reputable game designers such as Playtech and other renowned brands that are recognized by the Gaming Authorities. 

Due to the above, the system and security of the platform is literally bulletproof. Even so, there are various ways to mitigate your losses. In this article, we shall explore with Mega888 what are the kinds of steps that can be made so that you can have fun and even make extra cash out of it.


Choosing the right game

When playing with Mega888, there are various slot machines that you can choose from. By experimenting with different types of slot machines, you’ll definitely find one that will fit your playstyle. If you’re playing games that do not suit you, you’d easily end up getting bored and leaving before the jackpot hits. As the saying goes, “It’s always better to enjoy the game rather than playing one that doesn’t as you’d end up losing both time and money.”


Go with the flow, Go slow or Go home

If there’s one thing that you should always keep in mind is that the process of playing slots should not be rushed. You’ll need to keep calm and pace yourself by starting with small bets. As time goes on, you’ll be feeling more comfortable. That’s when you can start adding credits by the increment.  Starting with a high wager is not a good choice in the long term as you won’t have the necessary funds to keep going the long haul. Similarly, you shouldn’t be betting on bets which may bankrupt you so always be vigilant of your credit and keep calm when playing slots.


Keep Tabs on your losses

Setting a limit on your losses is just as important as setting a goal on winning. Sometimes, it may be that lady luck isn’t smiling at you, and when that happens, it’s good to take a refresh and stop for a while. You may even use demo games or small bets to refresh your luck. The biggest reason as to why you need to keep tabs on your losses is that once you lose, you may want to try breaking even by placing additional credits in the line to earn back the money, However, you may end up breaking your bank account. So be smart and know when to stop.


Use Bonuses to help your game

Lastly, by using Mega888, you’ll receive various types of sign-up bonuses and additional incentives when topping up your credits. This will help you minimize your losses greatly as well as helping along the way to getting the jackpot.



Always remember that in the end, there are no big secrets to winning big in Slots, however, you may break-even and also earn cash by being disciplined and following the above advice. If you do wish to test out your luck or any of the advice above, you should definitely register an account with Mega888 with the link below. Who knows? You may even be the latest biggest pot winner of Mega888.