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At the home of online casino games that is Mega888, it is no doubt that slot games are among the most popular genres within the large variety of online casino games we offer. This is due to the fact that pulling the victory lever at slot games is not difficult at all, the little challenge that slot games have to offer comes from the fact that it does require a minimum amount of understanding and technique, as well as a little bit of luck. Here at Mega888, our team of slot game experts are available to assist you with everything from selecting the best slot machine to identifying the games with the highest payouts. With our expert advice and gaming recommendations, you’ll be one step closer to understanding how to win at slot machines.


Identifying Bogus Tricks

The first and most important lesson you can receive in the world of online casino is: do not be duped by what is known as ‘bogus tricks’; in which it is claimed by some slot players that it is possible to control when jackpots are won by studying the spinning reels and determining the optimal time to land the player a victory or jackpot payline. Others recommend looking at ‘near misses’ to figure out the probability of receiving a large payout in the future. Anyone who is familiar with the operation of a modern slot machine understands that these ruses are ineffective, or just straight up misinformation.

When it comes to not only slot games in general, but all online games as well, a software is used to determine the large variety of symbols that will appear on the reels. When a player presses the spin button, the system selects the appropriate options. It is all animation, including the spinning reels and near misses that players see on their screen, which is intended to keep up the impression of excitement and unpredictability in slot games that we love so much.


How to Avoid Falling for Bogus Tricks

As veteran slot game players know, spinning reels can be easily manipulated and controlled with the right software. When it comes to slot games in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the UK Gambling Commission has set a limit on the amount of money players can lose by reducing the animation of the spins in a slot game to three, or sometimes even four seconds per spin.

The aforementioned pointers provide players the impression, or some call it, the illusion that they somehow has the ability to dictate, or even dominate the game with precise calculations on probability and whatnot, but the unfortunate reality is that no advanced calculus can provide even the most experienced players with the necessary expertise to actually influence the outcome of the slot machine. Understanding these facts, and by submitting yourself to luck, or simply just enjoy the excitement that the game brings forth to its players, is already a major step for a beginner slot game player towards becoming a good slot game player.

Now that you are equipped with this new valuable information, why not head on over to the slot game section at Mega888 to try your luck? Mega888 provides free high quality slots games that come in a wide variety for all Mega888 members to choose from. 


Is it true that the slot machines operate in a completely unpredictable, random manner?

Online slot games at Mega888 simply cannot operate without a random number generator to keep it fair and balanced. RNG is an essential computerised programme that generates random outcomes for the game and keeps it virtually unpredictable. This programme assists in the selection of numbers at random. After selecting a symbol, the reels come to a stop. As a result, no special attention or ability is required to play and enjoy online slot games.


What is the difference between video poker and slot machines?

There are certainly distinctions between video poker games and traditional slot games. The main difference is that slot game players are completely unaware of the house edge, as compared to playing video poker. This way, in slot games,the players are unable to determine the probability of hitting combos. In the case of slot games, knowing the winning chances can help the player in their attempt to figure out the house edge. This is one of the secrets to consistently winning slot games at Mega888.


What is the difference between tight and loose slot machines?

Tight and loose are two terms that can be used to determine the frequency and amount of payouts on slot machines. The loose ones pay off more frequently and with greater payouts than the tight ones. The tighter ones, on the other hand, have lesser payouts and, conversely, it will not be as frequent as a loose slot game.


Which slot machine has the best odds of winning the most money?

Due to the fact that there is no complexity in all of these online slot games, it gives slot games an edge compared to other online casino games as they provide the best odds to their players. Based on our findings, we can conclude that the maximum return on investment is achieved by playing in denominations of £25. It will not, however, pay you more than £10 for your time.


What is the function of wild symbols and how do I identify them?

The wild symbol on a slot machine is analogous to the wild card in a game of poker. It can symbolise and substitute the sign that you do not have in order to form a winning combination in the game of chance. Wild symbols that appear in succession boost the amount of money that can be won.


What are scatter symbols and what is the functionality of these symbols?

Scatter symbols can be used to generate a variety of payoffs for any payline. You will be compensated if you locate a specific number of symbols on any section of the gaming screen that has been designated as such. Scatter symbols can be found in the majority of video slot games.

If you have any more questions about not only slot games, but mechanics from other online casino games as well, feel free to send our team at Mega888 an inquiry email or simply join our whatsapp group to keep yourself updated on the latest online casino news.


Beginner’s Handbook To Mega888 Slot Games


Lately we have been seeing a surge of beginners in the world of online slots, especially here at Mega888.  Without a doubt, offline casino facilities provided hours of entertainment for a large number of slot lovers, but online slot games are simply too accessible and exciting to play for them to be outperformed by their offline counterparts. Online slot games are not always good, this is why you should only play online slot games at your trusted online casinos. At Mega888, members use our high quality slot games as the ultimate source of entertainment, this is due to a number of reasons. 


Know the-all-too many distinct sorts of online slot games.

Are you enthused about the prospect of playing slot machine games at Mega888? At our site, you can choose from a number of slot games, this includes bonus slots, 3-reel slots, progressive jackpot slots, and the reputable and entertaining video slots. Unlike other mundane slot games that you find on a lesser online casino, we have free spins, sliding symbols, wild multipliers, and bonus rounds; these features are all signs of an interesting slot game.


Video Slots

Video slots have a bare minimum of 5 reels to play on. In this slot game you will find pictures, images and audio, all mixed together to generate an exciting experience. The game gives you a variety of symbols and paylines to choose from. In some circumstances, the player is presented with 100 paylines on which their wager can be placed. There are all sorts of ways a video slot game can provide significant advantages to the players, this include the plethora of betting possibilities available in each session, not to mention high rewards, and the potential for large bets to increase win sum even further.


Three Reel Slots

Slots with three reels are sometimes referred to as the one-armed bandits. Players pull a lever on the traditional style slot machines at offline casinos to spin the wheel, and this is the only way to win money at these machines. As a new player at an online casino, you now have the opportunity to try your hand at 3-reel slots. Its popularity stems from its simplicity in gameplay. The lack of complexity help players understand the rules of 3-reel slots in a relatively short period of time.


Bonus Rounds

The bonus round in the slot game is triggered by the proper combination of symbols and symbols in the right order. You will discover the game theme, which will be paired with the bonus game. These bonus rounds are quite popular among online slot players. You stand a better possibility of receiving more benefits and delighting in your activities. Of course, bonus slots are a must for any high quality slot game, you should see for yourself at Mega888.


Free Spins

The availability of extra spins equates the possibility to receive a higher payoff. Free spins are also a common theme for Mega888 slot games. Free spins are all given if there are symbols on the right paylines. Progressive jackpots will also be able to benefit from the jackpots that are ever increasing. Every wager increases your chances of winning a more valuable jackpot. The size of the jackpot may vary depending on the percentage of your stake. All of the information can be found on your game screen. You must, however, win the game in order to be eligible for the jackpot.

Now that you are initiated, it is time to dive deep into the wonderful world of online slot games, only at Mega888. 


There are a plethora of articles available on the internet about online slot games, here’s an all in one summary for all your slot game needs neatly tucked in one article. For this reason, we will attempt to present a variety of distinct facts in the following essay that will benefit players in both comprehending and enjoying their casino experience, especially here at Mega888.


1. It is not possible to deceive Mega888 games.


First, a brief introduction. Slot machines were first introduced in the United States in the 1980s, but they looked nothing like the machines we are familiar with today. It took more than 60 years for slot machines to evolve in a way that would be comparable to present slot machines, which have a lever, paylines, the all familiar symbols, and the ability to award large payouts.

The general public were convinced at the time that they could affect the outcome of a game by manipulating how they treated the lever. Although this was true at one point in time, the  switch between mechanical to electronic in modern slot games has led to there being no way to cheat in Mega888 slots.

Just by pressing the play button in any mega888 slot games, there should never be an impression that you have fully comprehended the logic of the machine; what you can be certain of is that each slot machine has a specific Return to Player (RTP). Aside from that, players should note that there is also a crucial Random Number Generator system; . As a result, you have a great chance of winning, but the process is not predictable; instead, it is entirely random, so luck plays a role as well.


2. Mega888 Slot symbols and how to understand them.


Even the most experienced players are finding it difficult to keep up with the vast number of different slot machine types, symbols, and combinations available in modern Mega888 slot games.  For a long time, the rules were simple: three symbols in a row equaled a win. There are literally thousands of distinct methods in which a player might win in today’s world of online casinos.

If you are looking for a new favourite slot game to play at Mega888, look for the following three characteristics, they are wilds, scatters, and the optional multipliers. This is not a difficult task as Mega888 only provides slot games of the highest quality and accepts no other substitutes. 

A wild slot acts as a replacement for all other symbols, allowing you to win even if you fail to form a winning combination with the others. Next, you’ll want to keep an eye out for scatters because when you collect three or more of them, you’ll be taken to a unique game mode, which is extremely likely to award you with the highest payouts the game has to offer. Finally, multipliers may be present during your special games or as symbols during the usual mode – so be sure that they are clearly visible in the slot game that you choose before playing. Some slot games don’t have multipliers, but you will not find any of them at Mega888.


3. Simple Gameplay Strategy on how to win effectively


When it comes to slot games, probabilities play a significant role; you may determine the number of possible winning combinations before you begin playing by changing the total of reels by the number of symbols. Once you’ve done that, it’s critical to pick an online slot game that will provide accurate predictions at a rate which will make it possible for you to enjoy your game for a number of hours. Last and one of the most important pieces of advice we can give to beginners and professionals alike: it is absolutely critical that you set aside a portion of your profits for the next time you intend to gamble – this will prevent you from depleting your savings account too quickly in the process.

To understand more about online slot games and their ever varying flow of exciting gameplay, why not try your hand now at Mega888? Where else but the best place for online casino games?

Play Slots with Mega888

Unlike older physical slot machines, online slots has added a lot of new features which includes improved and dazzling graphics which will capture the attention of the player, additional storylines that can keep you on your toes for hours and also special bonuses. What’s more, since the client can be downloaded and installed in a mobile phone, you’ll be able to gamble away your worries just about anywhere that has a good internet connectivity.


Design & Game

From various well-renowned developers such as Spadegaming, Joker and Playtech, Mega888 includes various games that has well-designed Random-Number-Generators (RNG) and also stable Return-To-Player (RTP) percentage which are all playtested and endorsed by the Curacao Gaming License and various other authorities. This ensures that all the games do not give false promises like other pirated or compromised games through other platforms.


Stories to explore ands go on an adventure with

In essence, you will not just be spinning slots, but also be able to experience what it’s like being the hero of many different kinds of stories like a cowboy uncovering native treasures, becoming a superhero saving the world or as a knight in shining armour. Winning cash while going through the fun stories. Other than stories, there are also other games where you can just spin and have mindless fun without a care in the world. Based on each individual’s personality and interest, there’s definitely something for everyone in Mega888


Different things to explore

Another plus point of this platform is that you’ll not only be able to play slot machines, it also includes other casino games such as fishing, card-based live games, sports betting any many more. We definitely suggest exploring the system as credits deposited in the platform are transferable between the games and services provided inside.



Other than having many different kind of games, the platform also includes various sign-up bonuses, top-up incentives that lets gives you additional credits on-top of what was added into your account, weekly & monthly bonuses and many more. This will let you gain a lot of additional free spins at no additional cost to give you an upper edge at winning more money.


Security & Safety

Back-end support and the security of the platform is top-notch especially after it has been given an official casino operator license by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board. This includes the use of state-of-the-art firewall and back-end technical support to protect the platform from any criminal elements to ensure that all users’ data are safe and secured. Moreover, depositing and withdrawing from this platform is very easy with many forms of payment options available. 



If you have the time and cash, we hope you’ll not miss out this wonderful opportunity in using Mega888 as your go-to platform for playing slots and various other fun games inside. For an additional bonus, you can take advantage of our referral code as below. Successful new applicants will receive a wonderful gift on top of the sign-up bonus given to everyone.

Mega888: Best Platform for Slot Machines

Unless you haven’t touched slot machines before, you may be aware that there’s a tendency for people to use this as a pure gambling machine. However, not only can it be used to gamble, but it’s actually pretty fun to play with lots of different things in store for the player. This is especially true for the older generation where they use it as a form of entertainment and excitement to keep their minds active. 

With the number of slot machines growing each month, the range of machines that you choose from in Mega888 are endless based on the theme, return-to-player rate (RTP), and even various other functions. Moreover, the security and protection from the platform are second to none. In this article, we will explore why Mega888 is definitely the go-to platform for all kinds of slot machine games.


Endless Fun with different stories

Each and every game offered in Mega888 has different themes ranging from  horror, adventure to even sci-fi based stories. Imagine, one day you’re exploring the valley of the Kings seeking for lost Egyptian treasures while searching for Aztec ruins the next. These are some of the few things that you can experience while playing the games inside. For those who just want clean casino fun like those found in the strips of Las Vegas, you can always head on over to the dedicated games with the same rules. Moreover, this isn’t just a game where you play with virtual cash, you can actually deposit cash into the platform and exchange it into in-game credits to roll and the prizes can be withdrawn into cash!


Great payouts from winning rolls

As you may have seen in movies, players who wins will be awarded big-time depending on what kind of symbols line up. After dozens of tests, we have found that on average, there is a very high RTP rate in which customers are nearly guaranteed to win big! However, be sure to find the right slot machine so that you can experience the joy of payout together with the game that you are interested in.


Security and Protection

Security & Protection has always been the biggest issue for players using online casinos such as Maxim88 or Mega888. With this platform, although we have encountered some technical errors and issues, most of these disputes were settled in less than a day after contacting their superb customer-service agents. Most of the agents were fluent in English and were superbly courteous. As they are licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Control board, all of their financial services have been thoroughly vetted so that all the books are balanced. So you do not have to be afraid of investing your hard earned cash into the platform as you will definitely be able to withdraw it back with ease.



With the quality of services provided in the platform, we highly recommend using Mega888 as your go-to slots machine provider. You can download the platform and access it easily via. Ios or Android devices and take the casino anywhere in the palm of your hands. So why wait? You can even get additional sign-up bonus by using the referral code below:


Secrets to Winning Big in Slots

As some of you may know, one of the biggest symbols of casinos are slot machines. However, very few people actually know that unlike a game of pure chance, there are a lot of ways that you can use to increase your odds of scoring the biggest pot.

Using a form of Random Number Generator (RNG) to randomize each and every outcome, however, the program used is a closely guarded industry secret. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that anyone except for the software engineers will be able to get similar outcomes. With Mega888, all games featured in the platform are made by reputable game designers such as Playtech and other renowned brands that are recognized by the Gaming Authorities. 

Due to the above, the system and security of the platform is literally bulletproof. Even so, there are various ways to mitigate your losses. In this article, we shall explore with Mega888 what are the kinds of steps that can be made so that you can have fun and even make extra cash out of it.


Choosing the right game

When playing with Mega888, there are various slot machines that you can choose from. By experimenting with different types of slot machines, you’ll definitely find one that will fit your playstyle. If you’re playing games that do not suit you, you’d easily end up getting bored and leaving before the jackpot hits. As the saying goes, “It’s always better to enjoy the game rather than playing one that doesn’t as you’d end up losing both time and money.”


Go with the flow, Go slow or Go home

If there’s one thing that you should always keep in mind is that the process of playing slots should not be rushed. You’ll need to keep calm and pace yourself by starting with small bets. As time goes on, you’ll be feeling more comfortable. That’s when you can start adding credits by the increment.  Starting with a high wager is not a good choice in the long term as you won’t have the necessary funds to keep going the long haul. Similarly, you shouldn’t be betting on bets which may bankrupt you so always be vigilant of your credit and keep calm when playing slots.


Keep Tabs on your losses

Setting a limit on your losses is just as important as setting a goal on winning. Sometimes, it may be that lady luck isn’t smiling at you, and when that happens, it’s good to take a refresh and stop for a while. You may even use demo games or small bets to refresh your luck. The biggest reason as to why you need to keep tabs on your losses is that once you lose, you may want to try breaking even by placing additional credits in the line to earn back the money, However, you may end up breaking your bank account. So be smart and know when to stop.


Use Bonuses to help your game

Lastly, by using Mega888, you’ll receive various types of sign-up bonuses and additional incentives when topping up your credits. This will help you minimize your losses greatly as well as helping along the way to getting the jackpot.



Always remember that in the end, there are no big secrets to winning big in Slots, however, you may break-even and also earn cash by being disciplined and following the above advice. If you do wish to test out your luck or any of the advice above, you should definitely register an account with Mega888 with the link below. Who knows? You may even be the latest biggest pot winner of Mega888.

The Mighty Mega888 – Latest Review 2022

Mega 888 has reached an all time high amongst the Asian gambling community. As one of the most trusted slots providers of the region, many fans have found ways to earn big money from the games provided in the platform. Here are some of the reasons as to why it is adored by its community


Quality & Consistency

Many customers have reviewed that based on the general probability rates of all slots sites, Mega 888 has consistently cashed out a lot of winnings at a fair rate. Moreover, the games inside the platform are constantly updated so that each and every user can enjoy fresh games on a quarterly basis. With this, Mega888 has managed to consistently shine in this particular area compared to its counterparts.


Bonuses and Incentives

With the implementation of various credit bonuses and event incentives, players will get more from what they are paying for, especially with some incentives in the system offering free credits. However, users may have to login on a daily basis and spin in order to get lucky. This is especially true during the holidays where they will offer various discounted credits that can be used for any type of games available the platform


Design of the games

Based on user reviews and reports, we have come across that there are different probability and pay-out rates for different games. Therefore, you will have to consistently try out all the games in order to find one that has the best offer and highest pay-out.


Great customers services

With the help of various platforms of communication from web-site chat boxes, customer support emails and even telegram / WhatsApp contact information, each and every support service has delivered prompt and professional replies which makes the service outstanding. Since they are professionally trained at escalating various issues to the correct department, there should be very little worry that any cases that occurred will be handled swiftly with the best outcome.


Secured Transaction

Those who have tried other Online Casinos may have experienced problems relating to cash transfer or even scams when they are trying to get money out of the platform. However, with Mega888, most of the transactions were very prompt and processed in less than 10 minutes. Those who have problems which escalated to the Customer Service Department have more or less received a reply or have the issue settled in less than a day. Due to this, we are truly stumped on how great this platform is especially for professional gamblers who test out and review these kinds of platforms.

With the above information, we sincerely do hope that you do not miss out on this wonderful platform as there are so many advantages compared to other platforms. Similarly, if you do not think it is true, you can directly open a demo account and try it out with the link below. You will even receive a bonus when registering an account with the platform.